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China Energy-aided Primary School in Liangshan Opens f... 2020-09-07 Students at the Abuzelu Primary School in Butuo County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, kicked off their new semester on September 1. The school was built with funds of more than 16 million yuan invested by China Energy. O... ds视讯游戏

China Energy Displays Intelligent Transportation Achie... 2020-09-07 The 10th Western Logistics Expo and the 4th China (Xi’an) Intelligent Transportation Expo (CITE) were held at the International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 3 to 5 in Xi’an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province. As a co-organizer of the ...

World’s Largest Single-Nozzle Gasifier Launched at Ch... 2020-08-31 The world’s largest single-nozzle Texaco CWS gasifier, with a coal consumption capacity of 3,000 tons per day, was successfully ignited at the Yulin project of China Energy Chemicals Co., Ltd. at 10:48 p.m. on August 18, marking a major progress i... ds视讯游戏

China Energy Names 82 Model Workers and Inaugurates Cr... 2020-08-31 China Energy recently named its first group of 82 “model workers” including Zhang Li and inaugurated craftsmanship innovation studios. The head of each innovation studio shall be a model worker at the provincial and ministerial level or above, a winner of the M...

China Energy’s 89 Wind Farms Named ‘Excellent Wind F... 2020-08-31 The China Electricity Council (CEC) recently unveiled the benchmarking results of the wind farm operation indexes for 2019. A total of 89 wind farms under China Energy were cited as “Excellent Wind Farms,” including 24 at Grade 5A, 28 at Grade 4A, and... ds视讯游戏

China Energy Cited as a Model Enterprise in China’s C... 2020-08-24 China Energy was cited as a model enterprise in China’s coal industry in the publication of corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports at the 2020 coal enterprises’ CSR report release conference sponsored by China National ... ds视讯游戏

Longyuan Power’s Largest Offshore Booster StationDebu... 2020-08-24 The booster station for Sheyang Offshore Wind Farm of Longyuan Power (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. under China Energy was shipped from the Yingji wharf in Jiangsu Province on August 20. It is the largest booster station in all offshore wind power projects invested and...

No.2 Generator of Guohua Power’s Jawa No.7 Project Co... 2020-08-24 The No.2 generator of the Jawa No.7 project constructed by Guohua Power of China Energy Investment Corporation in Indonesia was successfully connected to the country’s Bali Grid for the first time on August 20. In the process, both the main and auxilia... ds视讯游戏

Yantai Longyuan Branch of China Energy Technology & En... 2020-08-17 On August 4, Yantai Longyuan Co., Ltd., a branch of China Energy Technology & Environment Group, successfully put into operation its high-moisture oil-free plasma ignition and stable combustion technology in the 300MW generator at the Xilin coal-fired power plant ... ds视讯游戏

China’s First Sludge Treatment Project for Large-Scal... 2020-08-17 On August 10, the “key technology research and engineering demonstration project for treatment of various sludge and solid waste of 630MW large-scale coal-fired units,” the first of its kind in China, was put into operation at Changzhou Power Plant of China Energy J...

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